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Click is a multi-faceted gaming entertainment company based in Sydney, Australia. Click offers management services to Australia’s largest gaming and technology influencers alongside tailor-made offerings for e-Sports professionals
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Total Subscribers


Total Lifetime Views

Mr Muselk

Elliott Watkins

Mr Muselk

+32Mil Views per Month

+2.1M Youtube Subscribers


Elliott Watkins, also known as MrMuselk, is one of Australias highest viewed gaming personalities and an absolute specialist in FPS and Overwatch content. Starting his channel in 2014, His content ranges from live game plays, tutorials and event based vlogs

Facebook:21k+ Followers

Twitter:178kk+ Followers

Instagram:38k+ Followers




+20Mil Views per Month

+3M Youtube Subscribers


Prestige Clips is a unique clip-show based channel, compiling the best user-submitted gaming moments into episodes of GTA, Rocket League, Battlefield + others. The channel follows a quality over quantity approach, only uploading when content meets the high standard set by the channel. Each episode gets viewed millions of times by a dedicated viewer base.

Twitter:40k+ Followers

Facebook:23k+ Followers




+15Mil Views per Month

+3Mil Subscribers


Lachlan started his channel in 2013, quickly establishing himself as one of the largest content creators in the minecraft community. In 2015 he was the first Australian gaming channel to surpass 1 million subscribers, and has continued to grow his channel at an astonishing rate. Today Lachlans community has grown to over 3 million subscribers, as he continues to create quality, entertaining content around minecraft, Pokemon GO, aswell as a variety of other titles.

Youtube:3m+ Subscribers

Instagram:605k Followers

Twitter:399k+ Followers

Twitch:154k Followers


Kathleen Belsten


+5Mil Views per Month

+240k Youtube Subscribers


Kathleen Belsten, also known as Loserfruit is the most-watched female gamer in ANZ. Building her online presence streaming League of Legends and continuing with Overwatch, her quirky personality keeps her fans engaged in her day-to-day life. Her content includes live-streaming gameplay, commentary, IRL streams and event / lifestyle vlogs

Twitch:327k+ Followers

Twitter:33k+ Followers

Instagram:39k+ Followers

Facebook:14K+ Followers




+3Mil Views per Month

+400k Youtube Subscribers


BazzaGazza has built his profile around Overwatch content, making videos with his Australian gaming crew of MrMuselk, Zylbrad, Tyrodin and himself. BazzaGazza takes pride in consistently providing high quality entertainment to his audience. Also, really really tall (6″7!). His content includes gameplay commentary, live-streaming and event social coverage.






+2m Views per Month

+435k Youtube Subscribers


Starting his channel in 2010, TheMasterBucks is currently the #1 sports-based games channel in ANZ. Focusing heavily on FIFA, his channel has seen him travel worldwide to various games and football events. His content includes: gameplay commentary, event vlogs, casting events and social promotion.

Twitch:10k+ Followers

Twitter:56k+ Followers

Instagram:10k+ Followers




+1Mil Views per Month

+190k Youtube Subscribers


Starting her YouTube channel in mid-2016, Oasis has focused on creating gameplay content in FPS, focusing on Overwatch. She splits her content time between creating YouTube videos, and live-streaming on Twitch. She loves animals, and has recently adopted two cats – Snow and Cookie (who frequently feature in social content!)

Youtube:190k+ Subscribers

Twitch:53k+ Followers


Champ Chong


Champ Chong

+500k Views per Month

+850k Youtube Subscribers


Based in Sydney, Alen is one of Australias biggest and most influential gaming news channel. A regular at gaming conferences around the world, often previewing never-before-seen games and uploading constantly to keep his fans updated, his action packed, energetic videos drive thousands of views and engagement from his loyal fans – the ChampChong Army.

Twitch:39k+ Followers

Twitter:109k+ Followers

Instagram:34k+ Followers

Facebook:28k+ Followers